Withnell Fold Primary School

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12th July 20
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A Big Welcome to the Foundation Stage

Class Teacher: Mr Tooby

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Hardman


Here you will find information about what goes on in our class

Take a look at 'What's happening' for the latest photos of Foundation Stage

In our first class at Withnell Fold we aim to promote self-confidence, independence and encourage the children to become willing learners. We do this by providing the children with a safe, happy and stimulating environment where they can reach their full potential, as we believe that children flourish best in a welcoming and inclusive environment with appropriate learning opportunities.

We  help the children to build caring and understanding relationships with their peers and adults they have contact with based on mutual respect, tolerance, honesty and acceptance. We treat each individual as a person in his/her own right, and we value each individual for what they bring to school, be it their different levels of ability, their religion or different cultural backgrounds.

We promote healthy lifestyles by meeting the physical and emotional needs of our children. Through the Foundation Stage we provide experiences to help the children to make informed choices, of what foods to eat for example and the benefits of exercise. We encourage all children to be healthy, stay, and make a positive contribution, while enjoying and achieving.

We use the ‘Development Matters' outcomes to continually assess the children throughout the Foundation Year.